Panettone Addiction


If you had ever tried to bake panettone, you’d have the panettone addiction.
I baked my first panettone two years ago, on the 5th of November, 2020. I didn’t have a mixer, so I mixed it with my hands.
Was it good? – Definitely!
The crumb wasn’t open, and the gluten wasn’t developed.
Nevertheless, it was the best panettone I had tasted before.

From this point, I became addicted not only to eating it but also to making it.
Baking panettone feels like New Year for me.
Every time I woke up in the morning and rushed to check the rising level of the first dough after the night. I discovered the inner net of the enriched dough. It was magnificent.
This process makes me happy as a child. Probably because I’ve never failed with it.

sourdough panettone

During this panettone season, I’m far away from home. I don’t have pasta madre and my stand mixer.
But looking through Instagram Reels with the panettone baking process, I feel the anticipation of the holidays.

A Quick Update:

This is my first panettone in Portugal after a year’s pause.
I recieved my KitchenAid stand mixer, it had a long trip from Ukraine to Portugal, the same with panettone molds and the thermometer.

The same recipe and I’m the same, but my skills are upgraded and improved ❤️

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